Thursday 26 September 2013

My fastest, tastiest midweek supper.

Most evenings when I get back from coaching gymnastics I’m starving, and the last thing I want to do is cook something elaborate. Beans on toast is not a bad option when you’re in a real rush, as its super-quick to prepare, and far better than almost any takeaway. But it can get a bit dull, so here’s my souped-up version, which takes a couple of minutes extra to prepare, but pays off in bags of flavour.
So here is my quickest and tastiest dinner. It’s not claiming to be optimum nutrition, but it does have the benefit of being incredibly tasty, as well as having certain health benefits:
·      - The beans and bread combine to make complete proteins – this means that you get the full spectrum of amino acids in the meal, which many vegetarian options such as pulses are deficient;
·         - It’s a great source of fibre, crucial for gut health, and improves nutrient absorption;
·         - It is high in folate, essential in DNA synthesis and repair.


1 slice of wholemeal bread
50g chorizo, as spicy as you can stand
½ a tin of baked beans, preferably reduced sugar and salt
1 egg
50g spinach

Fry off the chorizo for 5 minutes until it starts to lightly brown. Throw in the spinach to wilt it, then add the beans and slowly bring to the boil. At the same time, toast the bread and poach the egg until it’s done to your liking (Delia's method is foolproof). Pile the chorizo, bean and spinach mixture onto the toast, and top with the egg. 

This will give you the following nutrients:
594  kCalories
34g protein
48g carbohydrate
30g fat

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  1. I tried this for lunch. Thanks Chris, it is indeed quick and tasty. I doubled-up on the eggs.