Thursday 21 March 2013


Thanks for visiting my blog. Nutrition is a huge topic, both in size and popularity. Did you know that the most popular use of the internet is for, err, stuff you wouldn’t want to share with your granny, while the second most popular use is nutrition information? While there is plenty of good stuff out there, there is also lots of misleading, or downright false, information. I want to use this blog to spread correct, useful and practical information about the food we eat, the foods we don’t eat, and the foods we perhaps should eat.
I'll be using this to talk about all things nutrition, whether it's to discuss newsworthy issues, simplify complex scientific concepts, recommend products/books/websites, or to post recipes that I've found to be particularly nutritious and tasty. But most of all I’ll be using this to share my passion for food, both in terms of its health benefits and the pleasure you get from eating it!
A little about me: I’m a nutritionist based in West Berkshire, England. Acting on a lifelong passion for food and a keen interest in science, I went back to university as a mature student to study nutrition, and am right now completing my PhD. I work as a freelance nutritionist, helping people attain their athletic and physique goals, as well as working with businesses to formulate or correctly communicate their products. I am a consultant for a Men’s Fitness magazine, and I also love to work with children, having run a science club at my children’s’ school, and given talks to schools and scout groups about healthy eating and more general health topics.
So if there's anything in particular you'd like me to research or discuss, get in touch and let me know! 

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